Gulf Innovation Company has been founded in 1991 in Kuwait. The company includes an elite of specialized trainers and a wide range of efficient ones from various specialities and nationalities. The company applies high standards of metrology and professionalism in the field of training and consulting.

Gulf Innovation Company is progressing with steady steps towards its goal as to be the best company in the Arab world dealing with managerial and economic training, integrating modern science with high quality to offer the best results.

Logo philosophy: “Life Engineers”
People used to exert great efforts, spend long time and do accurate calculations in factories and buildings engineering, nevertheless, we believe that human life deserves more interest and worth having more consideration because its value is much greater.

Gulf Innovation philosophy in work:

  • Let me hear: I will forget
  • Let me see: I may remember
  • Let me participate: I will learn participation and interaction are the technique we apply in achieving our consulting and training services.

Our Values:

  • Training is an important mission that contribute to the nations development
  • Respecting the human mentality by offering high quality services
  • Our customers are the target of our attention and care
  • Attracting the most distinguished expertise in the area of training and consultation
  • The work crew is a partner in making success
  • Team work and family spirit are evidences of professionalism
  • Expanding and renewing the areas of our activities