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The Science and Art of Persuasion - Live
Training Courses

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Be the Best Version of Your Self (1)

Ethical Leadership

Institutional Organization

Leadership Concepts

Strategic Planning - Pfieffer Model

Fast Reading Technique

Organize your life

Leadership Models

Selling Technique

Intelligence Concepts

what sons need from me?

How to build Your Personal Branding

Developing Creativity & Intelligence Concepts Course (2 in 1)

Balanced Life

Followers and Leaders Types

Skill of Treating Teenagers

Authoring and Publishing Skills
How to be a talented author and skilled publisher?

Developing Creativity

Operational Planning

How to improve my son's personality

How to Communicate Effectively in Life and Work

Decision Making

Leadership Styles and Characterstics

Decision Making and Growth Of Organizations Course (2 in 1)

Leadership Courses

Stubbornness kids

Graphic Design with Adobe Photoshop

Leadership Change

Couple Harmony

Meetings Management

Growth strategies and superiority over competitors

Situational Leadership

Integrated Strategic Planning Approach

Power & Influence

Preparation of an educational guide to childhood

Leadership style analysis

The Leadership 2020

Educational Leadership License

Growth of Organizations

Leadership Training - Advanced Stage

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Institutional Productivity


Comprehensive Educational Program

Identifying and Educating Leaders

Personal Productivity

How to Manage Your Personal Money

Training and the Leadership Environment
Assessments & Tests

Power & Influence

Order Your Life

Power & Influence Tests (5 in 1)

Leadership Skills

How To Manage Your Boss

Test Your Innovation

Institutional Assessment

Innovation & Intelligence Tests

Stardom Assessment

360 Employees Evaluation

Negotiation Tactics

Situational Leadership
A special measure to identify your leadership style and effectiveness in different situations, with guidelines for improving your performance.

How To Fix Your Mistakes

Adjective Checklist

Smart Techniques

Institutional Innovation Assessment

Test Your Assumptions About Innovation

Creativity Behaviour Scale

How To Develop Your Innovation

Model Leader Assessment

Personality Styles Assessment

Innovators Characteristics